Live Fashion Illustration for David Yurman Event!

Last month, the famous jewelry designer, David Yurman
emailed me if I was available to do live-fashion portraits at one of their stores
for celebrating their new design Châtelaine collection. My reply was, of course, “Yes,
I love to do it!” and I ended up doing live sketches for David Yurman’s events
at 4 different places. How wonderful was that?!

The first store I visited was a boutique store in King of
Prussia Mall, near Washington DC. I had a wonderful time of doing live sketches
for this event, which was a nice party
style, with black dressed waiters
serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvre to their clients, while a private photographer taking photos. I sat in the cozy
corner of the store. It was lovely setting and the table was nice and wide enough
to put all my art supplies. I normally draw full fashion figures, not just
facial portraits. But I really enjoyed spending my day drawing portraits of
their customers.

For my paintings, I used pen and ink for outline, and added watercolors
on the paper to finish. (size: 9x12,
cold press, 140lb)  It took average
of 7 minutes per work. (3 min for drawing the lines, and 4 min for
watercoloring). I asked customers to relax and
let them do whatever they wanted to do. If they liked to talk to someone, I
just let them do it. I just tried to work fast and capture their features
quickly. Here are the sample works I did and photos.

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