Finally I updated my web-site! It has been a while since I logged in to my web-site.

Now you can see all my new illustrations and sketches. Finally I updated it! I divided by mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel(I’ll update soon.), pen&ink and paper collage. Also I added images from my sketchbooks. This sketch style was totally new to me and I enjoyed sketching more details with my fountain-pen.

Here are some examples. I posted more. Please check them out!

Live Fashion Portraits in California !!

Then, David Yurman asked me if I was available to attend the
same event in California! I was so excited to travel to the west coast as a
fashion illustrator! I left the JFK airport around 8pm heading to Los Angeles
on April 28th. The flight arrived on time;
at a little past Midnight.  I took
a taxi to the hotel at Costa Messa. It was very nice hotel, but I was very
tired. (It was already close to 2AM!) Although I slept only 4hours, I felt good
and ready to do live-sketching at Mission Viejo, CA next morning! The set-up
was very similar to the store at Tyson’s Corner with a large table placed near
the store in Nordstrom. It was Friday and very busy at the store. A few
customers asked me if I could draw portrait from the photos of their kids or
mother. I love live-drawing a lot. I don’t know why but
drawing from photos always made me a little uncomfortable.

But the customers’ happy faces after seeing the portrait
I’ve done for them made me feel very happy. Here are the examples of my

Live Fashion Drawing, David Yurman Event again!

Next I was heading to Tyson’s corner near Philadelphia. They
set up a round glass table at the middle of the floor near their store in the Niemen
Marcus, which was in such a beautiful mall
and a huge one too! Setting up my table made me a little nervous, but once I started
drawing, all the fears were gone. It’s a sheer joy to draw in live. People I
met were so nice and it seemed they were happy to see my portrait of them. ( I
really hope so! ) It was 4 hours event and I was able to draw a lot! Here are the a few
photos I took.

Live Fashion Illustration for David Yurman Event!

Last month, the famous jewelry designer, David Yurman
emailed me if I was available to do live-fashion portraits at one of their stores
for celebrating their new design Châtelaine collection. My reply was, of course, “Yes,
I love to do it!” and I ended up doing live sketches for David Yurman’s events
at 4 different places. How wonderful was that?!

The first store I visited was a boutique store in King of
Prussia Mall, near Washington DC. I had a wonderful time of doing live sketches
for this event, which was a nice party
style, with black dressed waiters
serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvre to their clients, while a private photographer taking photos. I sat in the cozy
corner of the store. It was lovely setting and the table was nice and wide enough
to put all my art supplies. I normally draw full fashion figures, not just
facial portraits. But I really enjoyed spending my day drawing portraits of
their customers.

For my paintings, I used pen and ink for outline, and added watercolors
on the paper to finish. (size: 9x12,
cold press, 140lb)  It took average
of 7 minutes per work. (3 min for drawing the lines, and 4 min for
watercoloring). I asked customers to relax and
let them do whatever they wanted to do. If they liked to talk to someone, I
just let them do it. I just tried to work fast and capture their features
quickly. Here are the sample works I did and photos.

Live Fashion Portraits!

A few months ago I had opportunity
to do live-sketches for Paul Stewart event at
the National Arts Club.  I had
about 7-10 minutes to finish drawing for each person who wanted their portrait painting done by me.

I was so excited to be there. I enjoyed
drawing and talking to people.

It was a great event to participate
as live-sketch artist and at the same
time, I enjoyed looking at the display of stunning Paul Stewart fashion collections!

Here are some of my live-sketches I did.

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